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We all enjoy a visit to the hairdressers, and your dog should enjoy the invigorating feeling of having their coat combed, bathed and styled. Our trainees go on to run some of the top dog grooming salons in the country (and overseas). Training them is much like teaching someone to drive, you teach them the correct methods, applied in the correct way – no room for short cuts or bad habits, because there’s an exam coming at the end! So the dogs they groom have to be done up to a standard, not down to a price or time consideration - meaning that our dog grooming models get the best of care and attention to the detail of their full groom, from walking in to walking out.  You can view a range of the dogs groomed and styled by our students in the salon on the photo gallery page

Grooming To Suit The Pet Owner

Dog groom schnauzer

Of course, we recognise that most people have dogs as family pets and companions, so not everyone is likely to need a style that is suitable for the Crufts show ring. It is as much a part of our training regime that our students are able to modify breed styles to be suitable for the pet owner, easy maintenance and reflective of the breed styling. There are many options open to you, that’s why our training staff will be happy to discuss your own grooming requirements for your dog when you visit us. Just one point that we would like to make beforehand, we will not totally remove a dog’s coat as this is the dog’s own body temperature controller in all seasons. The only time we would consider total removal is where the dog is extremely badly matted and knotted and it would be too painful for the coat to be groomed – we will require specific owner approval to undertake such a task.



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