All Breeds Dog Grooming at The Academy

Dog Grooming Prices That Won’t Leave
A Hole In Your Pocket

We are a teaching salon, so every dog that is groomed here is a dog grooming model. Unlike commercial grooming salons, we need dogs for grooming for the benefit of teaching our students, not for the profit margin!

Easy Pricing Structure

dog grooming bichon

Pricing is very straightforward, no matter what breed or size of dog you have the cost is exactly the same.


per dog



The charge for each dog is a contribution to the materials used whilst grooming your dog, which we think is a fair way of doing things. The saving on grooming costs will vary depending on the breed of dog that you have and the coat type of that dog, but you will almost certainly find that the annual cost of grooming for your dog is greatly reduced. By having your dog as a grooming model, owners see an average reduction in annual grooming costs of about £130.00. If your dog is a breed that has special technical requirements for the styling or coat type, you can experience a saving of over £300.00 each year.