All Breeds Dog Grooming at The Academy

Your Dog's Grooming Appointment

Our trainee dog groomers are on site throughout the year, so once your dog is registered with us as a grooming model we will be pleased to groom him/her every time they are due. On average, the grooming period is six weeks for most dogs, but some breeds and coat types may vary. If we have occasion when groomers are not undergoing training (rare, almost never!) then we have very experienced professional staff who will be happy to groom your dog at it’s regular appointment time.

Grooming Appointment Time

A typical appointment in our salon takes longer than it would in a commercial grooming salon, as the groomer will be undergoing training and instruction throughout the day. To accommodate this, all of our grooming appointments commence at 10am each day (staff are available to receive your dog from 8.30am most days). We aim to have the dog’s grooming completed by 3 – 4pm each day. There are many breaks and little ‘comfort’ walks built into the dog’s day with us. In the event an owner wishes to collect their dog earlier we can often accommodate this, speak to our staff to check if those arrangements can be made.

Dog Grooming for the Family Pet

We do understand that the majority of our grooming models are family pets and companions, not show dogs. So for many breeds a show ring cut is not desirable and we need to train our students to amend these cuts so that they are easy to maintain for each dog’s lifestyle. We will be happy to discuss your own requirements for your dog when you visit us and make adjustment to the styling to reflect your own needs. However, we think it is fair to advise at this stage that we will not, under almost any circumstances, totally remove a dog’s coat – it is the dog's body temperature control throughout all seasons of the year. In the extreme and exceptional circumstances that a dog’s coat is so badly matted and knotted that it would be unreasonable to groom out the coat, we will need separate and specific approval from the owner to strip the coat – after which the dog will be correctly groomed on all subsequent grooming appointments.

For the safety and benefit of our staff and students we must reserve the option to decline to groom dogs which we consider to be unsuitable. We do not wish to have the risk of injury to our students or staff, plus we are not able to teach with dogs which are aggressive. That doesn’t mean we won’t take dogs who are grumpy or misbehave in the grooming salon, as we do need to teach our students how to handle and groom such characters safely for both themselves and the dog.


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