All Breeds Dog Grooming at The Academy

Our Dog Groomers

Our students are trained to correctly style all breeds of dogs to a very high standard. They assess a dog before their grooming commences, the dog’s breed and coat type are taken into account, coats are fully prepared before we start to bath them, the correct shampoo and conditioners are used on the coat, drying is individually assessed and the final styling of the dog’s coat is carefully considered before the scissors and clippers are introduced. We are a Dog Grooming Stylist training centre. In fact, one of the leading dog grooming trainers in the UK, with students from all over the UK and other countries throughout the world. Every aspect of the dog’s grooming is overseen and advised by our very skilled and experienced dog grooming teaching staff.

Dog grooming by students at The Academy

Dog Grooming By Students

At The Academy we have been training dog groomers for over ten years, with a consistently good track record for results. The majority of our students undergo City & Guilds qualifications at varying levels, right up to Professional Dog Stylist Diploma. Many of our students are already experienced dog groomers, possibly already operating their own dog grooming business, who are returning to improve their skills and qualifications in the industry. Some of our students are entered in the professional grooming exhibitions and competitions that take place each year.